Toronto Abstract Artist: Creating large, vibrant and serene oil abstracts with depth, fluidity & movement.

 I was born and raised on the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad, and after graduating from the University of Western Ontario I began a successful career in Geophysics.

I feel blessed to be fulfilling my passion and gift for art. I’ve always been excited by the possibilities of art and believe that creativity is the very essence of our growth as an individual. My new works have begun an unconscious merging of my career as a Psychotherapist with my background in Science. 

My process starts with the Scientist in me, mixing my oils and applying to the canvas using tools, but never paintbrushes. With use of tools I play with various degrees of friction. I’ve created my new works using mostly my hands directly on the canvas in a dance of the energy of existence and expansion. 

As a Geophysicist, I see the canvas as the first layer in the Earth’s subsurface as I bring the oils to life, creating and integrating textures. This layering process builds depth, fluidity and movement bringing harmony into my pieces.

The deposition of non-uniform layers, movement of layers amongst one another and visibility of unique findings “anomalies” all draw parallels between Earth Science and our lives as we grow. Sometimes including white pigments and actual pigments into my process, I alter opacity, transparency, tints, saturation and washes.

My ultimate joy is to connect with you through the power of art to enable your own journey of self-discovery. To impart knowledge, open minds, challenge thinking, enhance ideas and empower you.  In addition to my art practice based in Toronto, I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Art Therapist, SoulCollage® Facilitator and Teacher. For more information on my Psychotherapy Private Practice, please visit: http://www.artma.ca