Artwork: Ebb and Flow & Ease (2 pieces)

One of my passions is the search & acquisition of contemporary art. I love strolling through the various Toronto art shows, and from time to time, discovering that one piece of art that stands apart from all others. That’s exactly how I discovered Anand and his work at the annual Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition at Nathan Phillips Square in July 2017. Unfortunately for me that “one” piece of art had been already sold. However, after speaking with Anand and spending more time appreciating his greater works, I felt Anand took his art seriously and I commissioned him to create two new pieces. Commissioning a piece is a bit of a leap of faith for both the artist and the buyer. Anand understood that and was communicative throughout the process. Over the many (almost 20!) years, I have discovered & collected works from over 15 Canadian artists. To this day, I love all the works. I am delighted and proud that Anand’s pieces are now part of my collection.



Artwork: Blue Mechanics

We were looking for a Toronto artist to commission a piece to complete our newly renovated home.  We wanted something unique and purposeful that was original and connected with us on a personal level.  We discovered Anand’s website and was immediately drawn to his style and ability. There is something about his work, the lines, his process, it’s all intelligent. We fell in love with his previous collections and connected with him to commission a piece for us. Anand came to our home and walked us through his creative process, he was very personable, respectful of our input and a pleasure to work with.  Later on, at the studio viewing, Anand gave us a tour of his studio, he made us feel welcome and comfortable in his space.  He explained the techniques involved to create his artwork and the inspiration behind our piece.  He did a great job of the reveal of “Blue Mechanics” making it a special experience. Anand did an incredible job combining our input into his method and style to produce a piece that is uniquely ours.  He’s an incredible artist and we are absolutely delighted with the results.  His piece adds character and a personal connection to our main floor living space.  We continue to be drawn to this piece and are overjoyed at its ability to “complete” the room. Anand is an exceptionally talented artist and we feel fortunate to have one of his pieces in our home.

Roseann and Michael


Artwork: Lunar Presence

I met Anand at the 2017 Artist Project, where I purchased “Lunar Presence”. The minute I saw “Lunar Presence” I knew it was coming home with me; it was completely captivating. The subtle hues and texture were instantly calming to me, but the longer I looked at it, the more it drew me into its depth. There is a stillness to it that makes me feel a sense of tranquility; it’s a perfect addition to our home. I purchased it with a vision of it going into our master bedroom, but when we got it home I realized I wanted it move visible, so we hung it on the wall going up the stairs. It can be seen and appreciated several times a day, which given the feeling it exudes, is important. I very much look forward to seeing Anand’s career progress, and hope to own more of his pieces in the future.



Artwork: August Sunset

At a recent art exhibition, we were drawn to take a closer look at the work of Anand Jaggernauth. We were pleased that Anand took the time to dialogue with us, telling us about his painting process from concept to completion. For us, his work represents beauty in light, colour and motion. Anand is creating pieces that very ably represent the relationship between his knowledge of science and his artistic talents. We take delight in seeing that the painting has revealed new detail and texture as we continue to enjoy it in our home.

Donna and Rick Southern


Artwork: Blue Expanse

We first came across Anand and his work at the 2016 Riverdale Art Walk and were immediately captivated. After seeing Anand’s work at the fair we reviewed his portfolio online and were convinced that Anand had the exceptional talent and vision to create a beautiful piece of commissioned art for our home. Anand came to our home and not only was he a pleasant person to work with, but also took a keen interest in understanding what we were looking for and how it would fit inside our home. As a result, Anand created a wonderful piece of art for us that brings us joy and comfort every time we look at it. We would recommend Anand to anyone looking to add a great piece of art to their home!

Lee & Aya


Artwork: Joyous Balance

I met Anand at an art fair in Toronto and was immediately taken with his charm, laugh and his keeness in what he was doing. After a period of time I visited his studio and decided to have him paint a piece for me. His heart and soul go into every piece he does. Anand came to my house and saw the wall that was to hang his work. He asked me questions and looked at my other art. He was given the most prominent wall in my house to fill. A daunting task, but he did it.

A few week later I visited his studio for the presentation. I was so delighted when he showed me my canvass. He expressed his delightful personality and genre and captured my feelings in colour and form. I know he is very pleased with his work and I am as well. My friends love it and I have a light on it that makes it appear different at all times. I love looking at it as there is always something new to discover. Anand has talent, personality and a kindness about him that comes through in his pieces. His art is a delight to add as one piece or to your collection. I may have to sneak back and get another one… In the meantime “Joyous Balance” shall keep me in happy company.



Artwork: Lunar Emotion & Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Both pieces reflect beauty, elegance and serenity. It makes me feel calm, relaxed and happy. It pulls me in, grabs my attention and each time I see it, it gives me more. Absolutely stunning.



Artwork: Halo Of Hope

My husband and I purchased “Halo of Hope”, a beautiful painting by Anand Jaggernauth. The painting captivated us right away, and the New York skyline carved into the piece has much meaning for us. The pale blue colours and depth in texture make this painting extraordinary. We are throughly enjoying having the painting above our fireplace, and are amazed how it looks different as the light changes over the course of the day. It fits our living room as if the paining was made for our space! We are thrilled to support Anand’s passion and are excited to watch his career grow. He is a genuine gem, with an infectious love of painting and expression. We feel truly privileged to own a painting by Anand.

Anne-Marie & Jason


Artwork: Serenity

My husband and I were looking for a large piece of art for our living room, and Serenity caught my eye immediately when I passed Anand’s booth at the Artist Project. Anand was very friendly, approachable and understanding that this was our first original artwork purchase. We were ecstatic to be able to purchase a great and unique piece from a local Toronto artist, at a fair price. Anand delivered the piece at a convenient time for us, and provided valuable insight into where and how to hang it. Serenity has been a terrific addition to our home. We can’t wait to continue to follow more of Anand’s work and career!

Andrea & Cody 


Artwork: Idea In The Making

When I first caught sight of this piece at the Artist Project all my senses woke up. I couldn’t take my eyes off it and immediately connected to it. I walked away and back several times before I returned and stood to really appreciate it. There was so much depth to this vibrant piece. Anand offered to share his inspiration for its creation and I declined, preferring instead to share with him how I saw the piece. I did not know the name of it, nor was I interested. I was so connected to this piece, that my interpretation was so in sync that Anand was amazed. I had to have it and after sharing what I saw in this piece, Anand made that possible. He was very professional and an absolute delight to deal with from beginning to end. I am proud to be able to support such a talented and local artist.